Conscious interiority

Here I would like to inform you about and discuss with you the theories of Julian Jaynes, his book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, and the idea of conscious interiority, coined by Brian McVeigh. Conscious interiority are the few times every day that you realize that you are thinking about yourselves. As on overview my One Pager about consciousness: I have a clear idea how conscious interiority can be implemented with the aid of The Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence.

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There is a Julian Jaynes society:

Hi Roland, have you read Jeff Hawkins’ book on TBT? If yes, which parts of the book helped you make this connection and what is the connection you see? Cheers, Mark

Hi Mark yes I read the two books of Jeff Hawkins. No part of the book helped me make this connection, as I read a lot before the book came out. The memory capabilities and voting mechanism of brain columns seem to be congruent with how we use language. Cheers, Roland

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