Where to live stream... Twitch or YouTube?

YouTube is catching up with Twitch when it comes to live-streaming features. I am going to try out YouTube live streaming soon. I cannot do both at the same time, so please help me decide which service to use by clicking on this poll:

I am more likely to watch Matt live on:

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Is it ok if I vote after a YouTube run?

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Umm actually that was a thick thumb press. Prefer YouTube but managed to hit Twitch. Also the YouTube selector doesn’t seem to be working

So after a couple weeks of YouTube streaming… does anyone change their vote? Same number of live viewers, only problem seems to be a worse chat delay.

to be honest I think the Twitch was better

To me the differences between the two media are so small that I think you should decide. Whatever is most comfortable to you as a producer is good for me.

I think YouTube has a slight advantage in the technical domain (having been around longer). On the other hand there is the raiding feature on Twitch, which allows an influx of potentially interested people.

I voted YouTube, but in reality I’m medium agnostic.

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