Which parts of the Numenta's white paper contain now obsolete information or ideas?

In this post, @jhawkins states

There have been changes in our thinking, in algorithm implementation, in terminology and in other areas since this paper was written, rendering part of this paper obsolete.

Given that this white paper is often suggested to be “the HTM reference”, I think it would be useful to have a list of the parts of this document (pages, paragraphs, ideas, etc.) that contain obsolete information (with respect to the current HTM theory). I suppose that a large amount of the info contained in this white paper is still valid and useful and will continue to be. But readers also need to know which information is now obselete.

Feel free to comment below or to edit this post to add such a list.

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This white paper you referenced is really really old. Just assume the whole paper is obsolete and start reading our papers starting at 2015. You can see them all at our research papers page.

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