Which programming language suits best an HTM RESTful API?

  • PHP
  • C# (.NET)
  • NodeJs
  • Python
  • Java

I’m looking for a cloud implementation of an HTM server that works through a RESTful API. I 'd like for the wrapping of the programming language to make each cell as little in size as possible while it’s being stored in RAM. Generally, what else should I take into consideration? I know this question is too broad but any kind of directional cue will do.

Would your API be a wrapper around the NuPIC core, or your own custom HTM implementation?

My own preference (highly subjective) is NodeJS for lightweight RESTful APIs. However for more memory intensive ones I stay away from the less strictly typed languages like NodeJS (probably also applies to PHP, though I don’t use it much myself) – I typically use Go for those. Both NodeJS and Go simplify concurrency, which is another reason I prefer them.

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My own custom HTM implementation.

Alright, thanks! I’ll give it a try first. I don’t like how Google is behind Go.

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Cool, I moved the topic to HTM Hackers since it isn’t specifically a NuPIC question.

Take a look at the restify framework for NodeJS if you don’t already have a preference with something more generic like Express, etc. IMO, it really speeds up RESTful API development in NodeJS. A simple example of one I wrote is image2sdr if you want to use it for reference (it demonstrates how I typically set up my basic folder structure when I start a restify project)


Here is a python NuPIC example if you need one: https://github.com/htm-community/nupic-history-server

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