Creating a Conda Forge recipe for NuPIC

I am currently working on making a recipe for conda-forge, which can be accessed here.

1)I would like to know if there is anyone interested in maintaining the recipe. I am interested in becoming a maintainer, but we would like to have more maintainers to enable a community effort.

  1. I would also like some help in writing scripts for Windows and Linux, since as far as I know, Instructions for Windows and Linux are different.

You can check out the WIP recipe in the here. Any comments welcome!


I’ve been digging for information on whether and how Nupic is compatible
with Anaconda, and mostly finding year-old posts on the wiki from Matt.
I’m interested, and I’m a fairly experienced programmer, but I haven’t used
Anaconda yet. I’ve been trying to decide whether to install the Python2 or
Python3 version. I had just decided that Nupic could be equally compatible
with both, since you can build a Python2 environment in Anaconda3. Does
that match your understanding?

My platform is primarily Mac, but I may have access to a couple of Windoze
machines for testing.

Thanks for starting this, has anyone tried before?


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Thanks for your cooperation on this. I only have access to Linux(Ubuntu 16.04) and Windows 7. So I was concerned about testing the recipe for Mac.

As for the recipe, I am thinking of using Python 3 for building the cobra forge recipe.

Hi all,

Rich you are correct. Anaconda2 and Anaconda3 can be supported. It’s a
fairly simple process with Anaconda3 to create and activate a Python2
environment, for example [1].

One thing to bear in mind with Anaconda; is how a CMake based project, such
as NuPIC.Core and the SWiG based nupic.bindings, finds the main Python
library within Anaconda environments. In our internal work here at,
I’ve used a modified form of this CMake module script to help determine how
to find Python libraries [2]. Modifications are required to take into
account the CMake static library prefix and suffix/extension [3], i.e.

Best regards, Richard.


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