Deep Learning Reinforcement Learning Summer School 2019 Recap

@lucasosouza just got back from Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Summer School 2019. He’s going to give a recap of his experience this morning.


We are live now.

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I just missed it, but watching it now.

[After view]
Great overview. Thanks @lucasosouza!

Can I ask how convincing Blake Richards’ presentation about back propagation in the brain was? Did he present links to follow-up on the data? Did it make you doubt?

Some feedback to @rhyolight: the sound quality was very good, but the volume was a bit low. Also cuts between the screens and the slides was nicely done.

Thanks Numenta!


Hi @Falco. Blake is a really good speaker, and he delivered a superb presentation. It did link to a lot of research and experiments which supported the claims. But neuroscientists in the room would raise objections to one point or another. I am hoping he releases the slides or the entire video (if not, you might find the same lecture from last year DLRLSS).

More specific to your question, it made me curious enough to dive deeper into his work, and investigate how it fits or doesn’t fit the current research we are doing at Numenta. We had discussions with him in the past, and as everyone else here, I admire the research he and his group are conducting (if I’m not mistaken Matt interviewed him at some point).

On a side note, we had a discussion today with a partner and Equilibrium Propagation popped up again.

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Do you have any links to the companies seeking AI talent? I am always interested in knowing what people are doing and looking for?

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@heger.valter Not for the summer school, I don’t have any links. Companies had stands in the night events, and the networking was mainly done on site. That said, it should not be hard to find on a quick online search for machine learning jobs - the role descriptions should give you a good idea of what the companies are currently looking for.