Digitizing Human Personality using HTM

I’m working on digitizing human personality in a Chatbot as my Final year Project work. I will happy to get assistance on what datasets to collect and how to implement using HTM.

I don’t untrestand what do you mean by:

digitizing human personality in a Chatbot

but in this link you will find many datasets, I wish to you find what you are looking for :blush:

My older project of generating Esperanto text using HTM might help you to reach you goal. But HTM is in it’s really early age so a lot of thing are difficulty and hard to implement or you need to implement stuff your self. Have fun!

I’m trying to build a chatbot that will mimic an individual’s voice and reasoning patterns


so am trying build a digitize version of me.

I’m sorry @Simon_Asare but I don’t think HTM is the right technology for your goal today.

Writing a script that answers all questions with a 50/50 yes/no answer is easy.

Becoming a person who is ok with accepting those answers as his own in all cases is hard.

I suggest that you try to narrow your problem space and then see if an off the shelf NLP machine can do most of what you’re looking for…