Temporal Data Sets for HTM



Awesome Public Data Sets

This is a link to another list of public data sets maintained by other people. It looks really promising.

Live Streaming Temporal Data



General Data Sets

Topic Specific Collections

Specific Datasets


Health Datasets


Data Stream Sources

Community of Data Nerds

Dataset Articles / Presentation

How info chimp uses Hadoop and the cloud

Amazon Machine Image for data processing (could be very useful)

Advice For a New MS Student
Creating NuPIC Applications
NuPIC Wiki is being deprecated
Using NuPIC

@rhyolight I’ve just added a link to https://healthdata.gov/. What do you mean by “collections” here? Do you mean like a bunch of different datasets? Anyway, I think that the structure of this post can, in general, be improved.


Feel free do remove dead links and re-org. This is a neglected wiki. :wink:


Or you could try and google up a data-set!