Examples of AI hype

I thought it would be fun to collect evidence of AI Hype here on this thread :upside_down_face:. Please add more examples!

Here is YouTube ML educator Siraj Raval rapping about Ai.

I promise I will never rap on stage about HTM.

Oh this is a good one. Conference sales for AI events have reached 1980s levels! :laughing:

Oh don’t get me started! In my job I get inflicted with a lot of marketing material that makes me cringe, here’s a recent favourite:

And I assume everyone remembers the Rocket AI story from this time last year:


I would be tempted to point to those annoying Udemy ads for deep learning courses on Youtube. Can’t find a link, just google deep learning and then watch a video on Youtube, you’ll most likely get one.

New conference with the tagline “Thinking Beyond Deep Learning”:

So much marketing hype in the analytics space at the moment. The promise is that you just give the AI the data from all your systems and it tells you how to run your business!


Prolly the one place I start when thinking techno hype:

Help help what is AI democratization?

Usually it refers to the average person being able to access/harness the technology, without needing to be an expert or in a particular role in an organisation.

The theory here is that Alexa will keep getting incrementally smarter until you get a star trek like talking computer, Maybe even data? How much do you have to tweak a chatbot until it will satisfy the average person’s needs?