SpaceX Falcon 9 Heavy Launch

I saw the launch live in a room full of other nerds and I can’t resist cracking open a great big grin at its success and the hard work behind it. These types of space missions have always been a huge morale booster for me and I can really see how desperately we need Machine Intelligence solutions in such a harsh, unforgiving environment. Although it may not seem like it at this moment, I am certain the work we do in across the AI industry is laying a foundation for the next wave of automated technologies for space applications. Our mission is definitely a long game, but I am sure this is how it will feel when our first sophisticated brainbot repairs that broken antenna on its own. This possibility and an endless litany of others are why I love working on this technology even when it seems so tedious down “in the mud”.

Did anyone else watch the launch?


Yes, I loved when the two boosters returned together in perfect sync.