Failed to import HTMPredictionModelProto

Hi everyone!
I came across some issue wrt import HTMPredictionModelProto in Red Hat 7.

When I try to write my model to a new Cap’n Proto Object and convert it to byte string for storage, i use

from nupic.frameworks.opf.HTMPredictionModelProto_capnp import HTMPredictionModelProto
# learning the model
model_obj = HTMPredictionModelProto.new_message()
modelb = model_obj.to_bytes()

I am very glad that this works out fine on my local macOS Sierra. But when i tried to do the similar thing in Red Hat 7 inside a container, it fails with the following error message:

from nupic.frameworks.opf.HTMPredictionModelProto_capnp import HTMPredictionModelProto
ImportError: No module named HTMPredictionModelProto_capnp

I’d appreciate anyone’s suggestions on how to do “from nupic.frameworks.opf.HTMPredictionModelProto_capnp import HTMPredictionModelProto” in RedHat 7? Thanks!!!
For more info, I think I installed pycapnp, py2app and pycparser inside the container space in case I need to deal with loading .capnp file although I can not install ObjC due to the following error trace:

Collecting pyobjc-core==2.5.1 (from -r /tmp/requirements.txt (line 46))
  Downloading https://<domain name>/api/pypi/pypi-remote/packages/0c/92/51c58aa948bcd4e28b24db694fa94d67b996a041e555c9887a43fe6b794c/pyobjc-core-2.5.1.tar.gz (2.1MB)
    Complete output from command python egg_info:
    You're not running on MacOS X, and don't use GNUstep
    I don't know how to build PyObjC on such a platform.
    Please read the ReadMe.
    ObjC runtime not found

Thanks again for your time and patience!
Best Regards,

We run serialization tests in CI on Ubuntu not RH. :neutral_face: