Geospatial Coordinate Encoder for htm.core?

Matt, do we have the GeospatialCoordinateEncoder for the htm.core cpp version (Algorithms API)?

I will have to defer to @David_Keeney or @dmac.

do we have the GeospatialCoordinateEncoder for the htm.core cpp

We don’t have a built-in C++ encoder for that but we do have a python encoder.
See py/htm/encoders/

Will that work for you?

Hi David, sorry for the late reply. Yes that will work for me. I found it online and plan on using it shortly. I’m actually stuck on a problem that I hope you can help me with. I have a file with 1 million records and wanted to modify the to feed it into Nupic and watch the graph as it goes through the records. As it is, it takes about 3 hours to read the entire file, then plot the graph. Is there an example, similar to the OPF version of, that works on streaming data? Maybe have it read in 100 at a time, then plot?

The plotting package is not part of htm.core. It is a Third Party package.
If you can find a streaming plot package someplace I am sure we can find a way to hook it up to htm.core.

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Thank you David. I’m using Matt’s Hot Gym Prediction Tutorial as a template and as you probably already know, uses MATPLOTLIB. BTW is the there a implementation of the SDR classifier in htm.core? I see there is a htm.bindings.Classifer, but I don’t think it has the same methods as SDRClassifer?

Specifically, an equivalency of:

from nupic.algorithms.sdr_classifier_factory import SDRClassifierFactory

classifier = SDRClassifierFactory.create()

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From Python, the class name is ‘Classifier’. This calls the SDRClassifier class in C++.

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