Getting Involved with NUPIC

Hi Guys,

I am Abhinav Rai and I wanted to be part of NUPIC community and start making contributions to NUPIC.

I thought maybe I should introduce myself on the forum. Well, I am a final year student of Computer Engineering from New Delhi, India. AI and ML has always interested me which is precisely why I want to get involved with NUPIC. I have a little experience in Open-source and have made a few contributions to Shogun which is a machine learning toolbox.

To gain some basic understanding of NUPIC, I have gone through some of the tutorial videos and also implemented examples such as hot gym. Also I have made a few PR’s for some newbie tasks. Any guidance on how I should proceed further would be really helpful.



You are starting in the right place! :slight_smile: Be sure to read CONTRIBUTING.

We are preparing for a 1.0 release of NuPIC this year, and I’m currently focusing on code documentation. You can see the API Docs here.