Help to with NLP in NuPIC

I have a dataset with many sentences. I want to send them to the temporal memory algorithm and so when the next time, a part of a sentence is given as input, I want the algorithm to predict the next word.

I have seen the demo of text prediction in HTM school videos. But, I would like to know how I can do it.

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I have done the same thing before! See

Hey, thanks for the reply. I went through your blog and it was useful. But could I get some info on developing good predicting NLP models (predicting words) given part of a sentence? Maybe I could use Cortical.IO? I just started to learn about NuPIC and NLP.

This is quite old, but potentially relevant. I have always thought that encoding POS could really help.

This is a hackathon kickoff video includes some examples of using NuPIC to predict POS.

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