Natural Language Processing


anyone know natural language processing? If you know please explain yes

my purpose for example take a whole article, then from the article is made into a new article that is not the same.
for example, detecting grammar structure, for example, present, sentence changed to future tense, and every sentence has to do with the next sentence , So the whole article can generate new articles only with the sample of the article.I also looking for Natural Language Processing Video for my article.

I do not speak markov chain, but talk about how to generate articles using this NLP thanks.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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Here is a resource, although some of it is old:

I know this is an old post. But heck.
I have done a character level sentence generator for Esperanto in HTM. See: Esperanto NLP using HTM and my findings

When asking HTM to generate sentences. HTM demonstrates that with a single layer of TM. It can learn a sub part of the Esperanto. Namely all words are commonly ended with -o, -as, -is, -n, etc… (These endings has grammatical meanings in Esperanto) but not the grammar of the entire sentence; such as the -n suffix indicates the object is being acted on.

I’m working on using the hierarchical part of HTM to improve the performance. Hopefully I can come up with better results.


This blog post here has a good collection or articles and resources about NLP: