How temporal memory algorithm working?


Hi dear
i watch all video and read some of paper to understand HTM theory but i am so confuse and i think i dont understand correctly. whoud you mind explain me this theory in simple word, Especially spatial pooling and temporal memory
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thanks a lot


There is nothing simpler than HTM School at the moment. I suggest you watch the relevant episodes again. Have you read BAMI?


thanks, so do I. you know when I whatch video I think to implementation and sometimes I do not understand if I want run the code , what are this matrix and etc
no can you send BAMI to me?



thanks a lot, you are great


Hey @shiva, for implementation you may want to have a look at this new python notebook. It’s a lot like the existing API demo with some additional stuff. You can implement the encoding, SP and TM algorithms piece by piece:


thank you very much, I really like run this demo but I am Beginner and I do not work python before, would you mind explain me what should I do to run this code?
for example which version of python I should install and then how run this code?


You need to download and install python 2.7.15

Then from a terminal or cmd prompt run:

pip install nupic

From there you can run the examples in the quick start guide:

But first, you should probably learn a bit more about programming before diving into something like this.

Perhaps HTM Studio would be a better option for you:


Thank you very much! but i didnt work with Jupyter Notebook, I would be grateful if you could help me and explain what should I do to run this code?