What Happens With BAMI?


Hi everyone,

This is my first post on this forum - as I just joined (although I’ve been watching Jeff and Numenta since more than 10 years ago).

My first question is about the HTM online book - BAMI. Is this being kept up to date by Numenta? If I understood correctly, this was supposed to contain the full theory and algorithms for HTM implementations. I’m confused because I didn’t see a note that it’s obsolete, but I see pointers to various articles on the details of the spatial pooler and the temporal memory. and BAMI doesn’t seem to have been updated in a relatively long time now.

I’m considering writing a full HTM implementation from scratch and I wonder if there’s enough detail available to do that. I wanted to do this for many years now (you could call me an experienced programmer), but I always felt the documentation available was not enough. Now there seems to be a bit more available, but where is the current reference material?


The HTM Spatial Pooler: a neocortical algorithm for online sparse distributed coding

No one has seriously worked on BAMI in a long time. We prioritized other writings higher over the past couple of years. However I am planning on spending some time working on BAMI this year if all goes as planned. I would love to give it a facelift, turn it into a reference-able web asset, and do some updates.