Biological and Machine Intelligence (BaMI)

I posted this on the nupic-theory ML a couple days back, but bears repeating here on the forum.

We’ve been working quite awhile on putting together new papers, blog posts, videos, and other content to help explain HTM theory better to laypeople and experts alike. There has been an ongoing call for an updated version of the 2010 “CLA White Paper”. In response, Numenta has been authoring an online text called “Biological and Machine Intelligence” (or BaMI for short). We hope this will evolve to be a crucial and useful text for HTM researchers and enthusiasts.

This text is not complete! We are releasing 4 chapters at this point:

  • Introduction
  • HTM Overview
  • SDRs
  • Encoders

Work is ongoing on future chapters, as well as problem sets and exercises. We wanted to make this work available to the community as it is being constructed, and welcome your feedback. Hopefully this is a useful resource, especially as it grows into a full-fledged book.


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Also, I want to point out for those of you looking for pseudocode, that BaMI contains updated pseudocode for both spatial pooling and temporal memory, but it is kindof buried in the Other Content [PDF] section (we’re looking into reformatting to make it more prevalent).


BaMI is being slowing transferred into Building HTM Systems (WIP Document).