How to complement a completed CPU Utilization NAB using

I have downloaded NAB codes to run it.

I find some features only in Nupic not in, so If I want make an simple application using pure, How to do it? including parameter setting?

theseus yang

Hi @theseusyang,

Welcome and thank you for using HTM.Java! Please have a look at the wiki accessible from the project page (more specifically, the Quick Start Guide). Also, have a look at HTM.Java-examples in for an idea of how to integrate HTM.Java in your own project. Finally, a lot can be learned from looking at the tests in the Network package.

HTM.Java has a very convenient parameter setting mechanism as can be seen in the beginning of almost all of the tests. It is also explained in the wiki.

Yes @cogmission, I checked this example before, But I can’t find this demo about CPU_Utilization in HTM.Java-examples

Hi @theseusyang,

That’s because there isn’t one. :slight_smile: I suggested the above to give you some insight as to how you could go about creating what you’re trying to create.

OK, @cogmission