My first HTM.Java application

Hi all! I am new in the forum but also i am a beginner programmer. I want to create a app with Numenta in java. How i can start with it. The application will get data from a ship sensor like position consume of the fuel, speed etc. Please who can help me with some examples i really need that.

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Did you see this quick start guide? It was in the README.


Hi Artur,

Welcome to the wonderful world of pizza and Mount Dew/caffeinated beverage consumption! :slight_smile: I would probably start off with running the tests and changing little bits and pieces of the classes which are impacted by the tests to see how your changes affect things. Learn about aspects of both the HTM algorithms and Java in general by running tests in “debug” mode and tracing the code - watching how the structure changes as data flows through the different classes. Try and get it to do simple things differently and gather confidence in your understanding of the code by proving your analysis correct or incorrect. is kind of an advanced environment to learn general programming, but just keep at it and have fun - then one day you’ll look up and realize you are a programmer!