How to tell if a post has been edited and review edits

I have been editing some posts to make small corrections for typos and fix broken links. Any staff member can edit posts, but we have guidelines for doing so. We will never intentionally misrepresent your thoughts or change the meaning of your words.

Users can always tell when a post has been edited because this little icon beside the post. For example:

That means there has been 1 edit of the post, and the last edit was 1 minute ago. I edited this post because the original post had a broken link. If anyone clicks on the icon, they’ll see this:

This box contains the details of all the edits that were made to the post, including the reason the edit was made, the raw post text, and the reconstructed HMTL. I hope this level of transparency makes you feel more comfortable to be a part of a moderated forum.

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