HTM for process mining plugin in ProM

Has anyone worked on something similar? I need help

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What is ProM? I’ve never heard of something like it.

What is ProM? I’ve never heard of something like it.

Process Mining is a series of tools and algorithms meant to help understand and optimize state-machine-like processes. Its big thing is taking a raw event log (like an activity log, order log, etc), extracting out an actual state machine (e.g. order received --> sent to billing --> sent to shipping --> package shipped) and then compare the ‘real’ state of things vs an idealized state.This picture gives a little snippet of Process Mining being used to detect conformance issues – events that happen outside of the expected state machine.

ProM is an open source tool implementing the major algorithms.

Has anyone worked on something similar?

I don’t know of any work around using HTM or Nupic in conjunction with ProM, though I am at least somewhat familiar with both. Maybe you could hook the two together by using HTM’s anomaly detection in conjunction with Process Mining’s conformance detection?


thanks for the reply. I am new to nupic, from my research,

…i have to use java, and i am only used to python and jupyter notebok

There is available if you are using a JVM.

If I understand process mining correctly, I’d say an important factor that’s different to HTM is that it operates against an idealised state whereas HTM is unsupervised and continuous learning. So as @Balladeer suggested, the anomaly detection phase of nupic is probably the only part of potential relevance, but it’s not really the “true” HTM part (it’s not a biologically inspired mechanism, it just helps apply HTM to a problem).