HTM Hackers' Hangout - Oct 5, 2018

9AM Pacific / 4PM UTC.

This is an early hangout for those of you in Europe or Asia, it might be easier for you to join.

HTM Hackers’ Hangout is a live monthly Google Hangout held for our online community. Anyone is free to join in the discussion either by connecting directly to the hangout or commenting on the YouTube video during the live stream.

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I won’t have many topics. I am trying to get an HTM School video done by next Friday so I’ll be really busy, but I would be happy to open the hangout for community questions or anything really.



Is there an update concerning the release dates of Jeff’s papers (on arxiv)?

They will be released next week on bioarxiv. Don’t worry, @cmaver or I will post them on #htm-theory:papers.


Thank you so much Matt. I love the amount effort you put into your presentations by the way.

I heard a while back that Jeff was working on a comprehensive paper about what the concepts of grid cells mean in the framework of neocortex- is that the paper being released next week?

I can hardly wait, so excited.

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Yes, both papers will be released next week, probably Thursday. And there will be a new HTM School starting to cover the “Frameworks” paper the following Friday (hopefully).


I am very excited :star_struck::grin:
thanks matt