HTM.Java Gets The New SDRClassifier!

Greetings Earthlings (and Otherwise Affiliated),

I’m very excited to announce that thanks to Andrew Dillon (@Hopding), HTM.Java now has an implementation of Yuwei’s (@ycui) SDRClassifier!

I would like to thank Yuwei for his help in answering Andrew’s questions and taking time away from his “double-oh” section missions and other Post-Cold War spy activities! :stuck_out_tongue: (an inner joke regarding his swank tuxedo )…

In addition, Andrew’s code also ushers in the availability of a Matrix Library that now is available for use also within your code. We use a forked version (we added some functionality especially for Andrew), of the Sandia Labs wrapper around the MTJ Library whose performance is very impressive and can automatically run native BLAS and LAPACK code (though at the moment we still need to experiment with getting it to load).

We will have the Java Docs updated with the new SDRClassifier sometime today or tomorrow so those will be available to peruse also.

Cheers and Happy Hacking!