Kudos Marcus!



I just started the task of sync’ing HTM.Java’s TemporalMemory with the new Python TM implementation and I just wanted to acknowledge Marcus Lewis (@mrcslws) (please excuse me if others were involved who should be mentioned also), for his work on the new TemporalMemory code! I LOVE THE VARIABLE NAMES! …also the organization!

In general, everything is so much more clear! Kudos!

Usually, peeps only find out when something is wrong. So this is my attempt to reverse that unfortunate trend!



Thanks :slight_smile:

@amalta wrote the Python code that you’re reading, and he did extra work to make it feel like Python, not C+±translated-to-Python. And @scott played a big part, he put tons of time into the initial C++ code review.


@amalta @scott

Congratulations on a job well done. I had a feeling it was a team effort, but I wasn’t aware of who else to compliment. Please excuse.

I’m excited to work out a Java equivalent - and I really dig the “columnSegmentWalk” approach to the algorithm implementation!

Thanks @cogmission!

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