HTM School Update

We now have a permanent URL to share for HTM School:

If you want to share the series, please share that link. Also, I wanted to share some YouTube stats on the series. I released the first video April 1, 2016. These stats cover the period from then until today, and are only from HTM School videos.

Total views: 35,324
Total watch time: 209,316 minutes
Subscribers added: 537 (1,545 across channel)
Likes: 2,200
Comments: 195

HTM School has been a nice shot in the arm for our YouTube channel, and I have no plans of stopping the series. I am working on TM episodes, then classifiers, applications, advanced topics, etc.

Thank you all for watching, subscribing, and commenting! Please continue to share them with friends and colleagues.


Wow. These are awesome stats! Thanks for sharing @rhyolight! …and Great Work!