Htmresearch location framework in Python3

If anyone is using the hmresearch location framework I have ported it to Python3 and htm.core.
Until or if the pull request is accepted, it can be found in PullRequest609.
There are two running examples taken from htmresearch projects which show different ways of using the framework.


This is great to see, thanks @fcred! These are important algorithms to translate into Python 3, it might save us some work in the future!

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The port of the location framework has been released into htm.core.
It can be found in htm.core/py/htm/advanced.
The location framework is the code that underlies Jeff Hawkins Thousand Brains model of the Neocortex and hence is probably the most important framework in htmresearch.
The port includes unit tests and a couple of example applications using the location framework.
Additional goodies are the RawSensor and RawValues regions, the GridCellLocationRegion and the ColumnPoolerRegion.


@fcred, amazing, thanks for this - I can’t wait to try it out!

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