Htmstudio on linux

I have been tried htmstudio on mac. and nupic library to find anomalies on linux. But the results are not same. After building htmstudio, I have found a portable python version is using in htmstudio. Is there any version of portable python version available for linux?

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Thanks for the quesiton @meera. See discussion about this here:

Hi @meera. If you are using the same version of nupic (see requirements.txt) you should get the same results. I recommend checking your version of nupic before troubleshooting anything else.

As @rhyolight mentioned, you can look at the PR to follow the progress of HTM Studio Linux. You can also discuss with @laurent who is the author of the PR.

Thanks for the reply @marion. I am using nupic 0.5.0 in linux. In the output files I have got from htmstudio has values rounded upto 18 digits and custom script has 13 digits. Upto 390 records they are almost same(07-15-2016 13:30:00,4.07,N/A,0.0301029996658834 , 0.010339409544728494, 2016-07-15 13:30:00 , 4.07 , 0.0301029996659), and after that results are not same.

Could this be due to differences in low-level random number generators on a different platform?


FYI I just posted another topic announcing the availability of Ubuntu packages for HTM Studio. You may want to download them and give your feedback.