I access this forum from -?


My mobile device wherever I am

Whenever the alert box pops up
More than once a day
Every Day
Every Week
Once in a while
When I see something cool in the email blast

I come here to …
Hang out with like minded people
Learn about HTM
Learn about AI in general
I read On Intelligence and am not sure what to expect


I log in from everywhere.
Whenever the alert box pops up.
I was hooked by On Intelligence, learned about HTM, and now to hang out with like minded people.


I log in from home.
Every Day (but just started)
I read On Intelligence (and was immediately hooked), watched the HTM school videos. I am reading more about HTM now and like to see if I can implement it to solve complex data problems that have a high amount of noise.


I login from uni when I get something that I can help with in an email. I come here for support with nupic.


I log in from everywhere.
More than once a day.
From Siraj’s HTM/Numenta video.


I log in from everywhere at any time eagger to learn with you guys.


I log in from my mobile phone (discourse app) or desktop in evenings for more serious reading.

More than once a day, and whenever the alert box pops up.

I came here initially because I read On Intelligence, but stayed because the discussions interest me so much and it’s helping me gradually understand intelligence better.


I access this forum from anywhere,

More than once a day,

I come here to,

  • learn about HTM
  • get more fascinated with the inherent emergent behavior in HTM (learning)
  • write and read HTM-related code and apps eventually
  • contribute if possible


From home I access this forum to learn about HTM and hang out with the like-minded On Intelligence readers daily or even more often (starting less than a week ago).


From home, my office in Watsonville, and the Numenta office in Redwood City. I access the forum on my phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computers.

I log in nearly every single day and I think you know why I come here :wink:.