Implement real-time anomaly detection


Hi, I am new to HTM and Nupic. I was researching on implementing real-time anomaly detection on my own data previously and I came across the paper named “Unsupervised real-time anomaly detection for streaming data” published by Subutai. After briefly going through the documents, I get a little bit confused and haven’t find a solid example using real-time anomaly detection. Which API should I refer to? There are OPF API, ‘Network API’, and Algorithm API, I only found some info on this link.

However, is there any fully-described implemented code to do real-time anomaly detection? Thanks a lot.


An old tutorial, but probably still helpful:

The API has been updated a bit, but the corresponding code examples in the NuPIC codebase still work.


Thanks for your instant reply! Additionally, I wonder if you have existing code example for anomaly detection in real-time as the paper described?


Yes! See the link I gave you above. It is an example of real-time anomaly detection.