Matt is live streaming regularly

live now just chatting

Live now working on nupic.torch.

Live now on twitch, might answer some forum questions.

BTW I will still be streaming on Twitch sometimes, but I won’t be saving the videos to YouTube. The Twitch experience is really more for the live interaction and chat.

Live now on twitch, reading the forum.


I’ve been putting off forum conversations all weekend. I will live-stream Q&A this afternoon on Twitch.


live now

live now on twitch

Live now on twitch.

Can i ask, do you upload your twitch content to youtube?

Or am i missing out :wink:

You’re sortof missing out!

The important stuff gets to YouTube, but I live stream a lot of stuff on Twitch that never gets archived. You can see the Twitch archive here. Lately I have not been putting any of my Twitch content on YouTube.

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I will be doing some live stuff today.

I just missed it, but it seems quite short. Twitch muted the audio though, due to detected copyright infringement.

(Or maybe the algorithm is starting to see you as a celebrity?) ;-).

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Short but epic!

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Ok nevermind. My broadcasting software OBS Studio is FUBAR with the new macOS Catalina. I will probably need to build all my scenes from scratch. I even installed their hotfix release, which just cause yet another similar problem. There are a bunch of new privacy / permissions stuff in Catalina that OBS will need to address.

Why experts in AI persist on using macintrash is beyond me.

(Caveat: just before submitting this, my PC froze. Oh karma, you are brutal. XD ).


on twitch this morning.

Live for a bit this morning on Twitch.

live on twitch for a bit today.

I know it has been awhile. I’ll be online to stream on Twitch tomorrow morning. I’m going to save my forum responses for then.