Matt is live streaming regularly

As promised; neurons that establish a frame of reference to the room. Compare this to the research discussion about 3D reference, this is all about planar reference.

These older threads discuss 3D coding - it’s 2D with “bending”:

and coding for non-spatial concepts:

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doing it again (building htm systems)


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Live now, streaming research meeting from Numenta HQ.

For those who came later:


Live now building htm systems.

Be kind to your web developers

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Live now, Let’s build Hot Gym in Python 3 with nupic.cpp!

Change of plans, now streaming a research meeting!

Live now for no real reason. Will stream until the research meeting at 10:10am.

So we skipped research today, sorry! But I’m streaming now talking about catastrophic forgetting

Ok, there will be a live-stream of today’s research meeting, I just don’t know what time it will start. Stay tuned, I’ll post here.

Streaming now…

Referenced papers:

Other papers from this author on this site:

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Streaming now, Building HTM Systems.

live now. Working on NAB python 3 and nupic.cpp python 3 today.

live now

RE: your tablet twitch test.
The sound is a bit quiet. You may have to speak up. I had both headphone and line maxed and could barely hear you.

BTW: I don’t think that apple phone is good for hangouts - I don’t think I looked or sounded very good on the last hangout.

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I am live Building HTM Systems now.

Live research now:


Live now, Building HTM Systems in 10 mins.