Missing examples directory

Also I have uninstalled and reinstalled nupic several times here, and for some reason I’m not showing an ‘examples’ folder from the pip2 install I did.

I do have:

  • ‘algorithms’, ‘bindings’, ‘data’, ‘database’, ‘datafiles’, ‘dummy.so’, ‘encoders’, ‘engine’, ‘frameworks’, ‘math’, ‘movingaverage.capnp’, ‘proto’, ‘regions’, ‘serializable.py’, ‘serializable.pyc’, ‘simple_server.py’, ‘simple_server.pyc’, ‘support’, ‘swarming’, ‘utils.py’, ‘utils.pyc’

I think you will need to checkout the code from git or download the source from github to get that code. I don’t think installing using pip will give you those files. We want to keep production installations as small and simple as we can.

Ook I’ve got you, so I think I’ll uninstall again and then download from github instead of pip. Basically I just want to have somewhere to put my modified run.py file within the new nupic