Numenta Research Meeting - October 14, 2020

Hi guys,

We’ve had fewer research meetings lately, partly because Jeff has had to focus on meeting some deadlines for his upcoming book. Here’s the latest meeting, which was Jeff and Subutai discussing active dendrites and how to better understand them from a machine learning perspective.

Subutai Ahmad and Jeff Hawkins clarify aspects of active dendrites, and some of the histories behind them, for other members of our research group. Using two key papers as a backdrop, they highlight issues such as basic dendritic integration, technological advances for stimulation of synapses, the controversy around and meaning of dendritic spikes, and the importance of understanding temporal dynamics. The team then discusses how to better understand dendrites from a machine learning perspective.

Papers mentioned:
‘The Decade of the Dendritic NMDA Spike’:

‘Active Properties of Neocortical Pyramidal Neuron Dendrites’:

BTW: there are some very interesting related links on this page.

Here is the paper briefly mentioned by Kevin regarding integration of human astrocytes in mouse brain, pretty interesting read!

Did Jeff mention anything about when he’s going to start doing publicity for his new book? Like maybe an interview with Christie? I can hardly wait! I already pre-ordered two copies.