NuPIC Game for Raspberry Pi

I posted a video on YouTube of a project we did recently to demonstrate NuPIC on the Raspberry Pi. I wanted to do something a little more substantial than a simple “Hello World”.

The concept for this project was a reversal of the memory game “Simon”, where instead the user defines the pattern, and NuPIC is responsible for playing it back. The video includes designing the circuit, wiring up the electronics, and then writing the code.

Unfortunately the video camera angle shifted near the end of the video, so the game got clipped from the frame. It is however reflected in the monitor screen. I decided to keep that part in the video since it shows the game in action. The entire video is a couple hours long, so if you want to skip the build and just see the finished game, jump to around 2:08:40.

I uploaded the source code to GitHub for anyone interested.


Paul, you are a great teacher and a fantastic father. I really enjoyed watching and you refreshed my memories from my electronics lab days back in high school in the 80s. Your son is very attentive. He will be a great scientist. Thanks for sharing. Joe


And I forgot to mention that the HTM code running on that Raspberry Pi is really awesome 21st century technology. You are a very skilled systems engineer, on this video. I wish I had started this HTM journey back when I had your son’s age, with guidance like yours. Very impressive. Thanks again. Joe


The next generation will save us (or else).