NuPIC Wiki Update help

I’m going to focus some of my time updating the NuPIC Wiki. There are a lot of orphaned pages and outdated information.

Please let me know if you find any:

  • broken links
  • outdated pages
  • bad organization

One quick suggestion: I think “Learning Nupic” should be listed before
"Using Nupic". It just feels more natural, as it’s not easy to start using
the tool without at least knowing the basics of the implementation.

On the other side, could my project be listed in the Projects section?
Here’s the link:
I can edit the page myself, but I thought I’d rather ask first.

@scott and I think that we should move all relevant docs out of the NuPIC Wiki and into API docs, pages, or here in the forums. I think the wiki at will eventually be removed and replaced with more official installation and usage guides.

Go for it.