Paper Review: Catastrophic Forgetting, Context-Dependent Gating and Synaptic Stabilization - 3/31/21

We started this research meeting by responding to a few questions posted on the HTM forum. We may continue to try this format of answering questions at the beginning of research meetings when appropriate.

In this research meeting, Subutai Ahmad reviews the paper “Alleviating catastrophic forgetting using context-dependent gating and synaptic stabilization” by Masse, Grant and Freedman. He first explains his motivations behind reading this paper based on Numenta’s previous work on dendrites and continuous learning. He then highlights the various network architectures simulated in the experiment and the results presented in the paper (i.e. accuracy for each network). Finally, Subutai gives his thoughts and the team discusses the results.


Other paper mentioned:
“Continuous Online Sequence Learning with an Unsupervised Neural Network Model”