Continuous online sequence learning with an unsupervised neural network model


By @ycui, @subutai, & @jhawkins

Please discuss this paper below.


The paper is now published in Neural Computation. The final version is available here


Is the code available for this somewhere? Thanks.


Anyone? @ycui @subutai @jhawkins? Pretty please?

I’d like to replicate your findings and experiment with decoding
predictions. Currently reading the Bridle 1990 paper.



Perhaps what you are looking for can be found here:


Presumably that’s where it should be but I can only see code pertaining
to two other papers there.


The paper says it is in and I assume it is in here somewhere. I’ll ask @subutai today.


Hi @blue2 - sorry for the late response. Just returned from this dendrites workshop (which was great).

The original code for the paper is here:

We are slowly cleaning it up, and I can’t promise that it is easy to use right now or fully reproducible. Our goal is to put a cleaned up and properly versioned/reproducible copy here:


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Thanks much appreciated.