Question about The Clustron/G-Clustron

The Clustron and/or G-Clustron are they based on biological theory? It was presented in this Numenta video Plasticity and Learning Algorithms in Models of the Single Neuron - August 25, 2022 - YouTube, if so does it have any major role in how a neuron works?

There may be some biological precedent for this class of learning algorithm based on the concept of integration zones along the dendrite. In essence, the closer co-activating synapses are on the dendrite, then greater the response from the local dendrite segment.

As for the role that this dynamic could potentially play in the functioning of a neuron, I don’t think the answer is clear yet. Additional modeling and simulation are required to better understand the dynamics of such a system. Once these dynamics have been characterized, then it should be possible to devise an experiment that would provide evidence either in support of, or refuting this model.

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