Questions from a Noob Prt 1

Hi, so definitely not a Brian Scientist, but find AI that follows biology fascinating, any question ,

I’ve heard in one of Numenta’s YouTube meeting about complex cells and simple cells. I did some good searches and there is also hyper-complex cells… so my question is, for say complex cells, is this an actual single cell or a group of neurons that give this behavior. What I mean is, is there a single pyramid cell that reacts to a width of an edge going horizontal in the visual cortex let’s say or its it just a few regular simple pyramid cells and inhibitory cells combined to make a circuit with this complex cell behavior?

Same question for Grid cells, are they independent neurons that create a grid or is it a circuit of simple cells creating this behavior or even perhaps its behavior that emerges from a hierarchy of lower neurons ?

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Good question. Grossberg develops a theory using networks of simple, complex, hypercomplex cells and bipole . But later in his book Conscious Mind Resonant Brain he reviews a laminar model where pyramidal cells replace some of these functions and allow for feed forward and feed back network flows and resonances.

It’s a large book. But the first three or four chapters discuss your question. And there is a chapter on laminar networks. It’s sometimes at odds with Numenta’s logic, but I’m afraid that is Numenta’s issue.


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We can think of complex cells as a team that works together to recognize lines and shapes. They’re not just one cell but a bunch of cells talking to each other. Grid cells are like points on a map in your brain that help you know where you are. They also work together to make a pattern that looks like a grid.

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