Site malfunctioning with latest Chrome

Can I raise attention from site admins?

At the moment with latest Chrome (114.0.5735.198), the site is almost inaccessible due to some “Content Security Policy” configs:

Mouse doesn’t scroll, some buttons don’t click, due to the failure of loading some critical script.

I believe it’s the “Content-Security-Policy” header in the HTTP response is over-strict:

Though latest Firefox works fine.

The site is hosted by discourse.
You can contact them directly here.

The CSP header in the http response should be a site specific configuration, not up to general discourse software, do you know who is responsible for customization of this site?

The content of the header seems heavily customized per site, there has to be someone did this consciously.

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Unlikely. Consciousness has not been well described on this site.


If the change you describe was done by Numenta, then it is likely that Matt Taylor had a hand in it.
I can moderate, but this level of tinkering is above my level of permission and I am not able to address the issue.

Ping @rhyolight?

OMG!!! Matthew Taylor, (1978 - 2020) - Online Memorials

I wasn’t even aware. Rest in peace! An attractive person and great soul!