The HTM Spatial Pooler: a neocortical algorithm for online sparse distributed coding


@ycui, @subutai,

Minor error in the sentence above equation (10): “Finally, the boost
factor bi is then updated based on the difference between ai(t) and
<a¯i(t)> as shown in Figure 1D.” I guess it should say “between a¯i(t)
and <a¯i(t)>” (note the overline on the first a¯i) as per equation (10).


Yes, he is no longer at Numenta.

Hmm, I’m troubled by this too. I actually had no idea this was turned on by default. We should rerun without it and see if it makes a difference. I created an internal task to check this. Thank you for pointing this out.

Yeah, thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks @subutai .