There's going to be some CI disruption

@scott and @Austin_Marshall have been working on Bamboo builds of our core OS pipelines, which will take over from Travis-CI / Appveyor. We are talking about making the switch tomorrow. This is the reason I cut releases yesterday.

There will be some red time during this transition.

Also, we don’t have a Windows build in Bamboo yet, but it’s a high priority task for us to get one. We need a windows build to support HTM Studio.

Stay tuned for instability and scrambling for green circles! :stuck_out_tongue:

And oh-by-the-way, the switch to Bamboo is going to change our tooling process quite a bit. I’m not sure of all the implications yet, but I’ll probably have a lot of work to do deleting code from our tooling server, which is a good thing. I’ll keep everyone updates as anything changes.