First NuPIC Fork Online Meeting March 13

Same basic setup as our hackers’ hangouts. I will facilitate the hangout and post the link to join, but the conversation will be up to you all.


Hey you guys, you might want to discuss topics you want to bring up at this meeting in 2 weeks.

I like to show my progress with python 3 migration and discuss some issues like Python3’s integer division behavior.

Just realized I missed the hacker meeting. Time differences are a …

Guys, on Tuesday March, 13th I need to supervise my highly complex and advanced htm (aka my 3 months old daughter). :wink: I think we were planning to hang out at 9am PST, correct? Can we move it to a little later time, like 1pm PST or maybe even a different date?

If not, no problem, I’ll just post my progress in a message then.


I cannot do it at 1PM, I can do it 3PM Pacific time.

That would work for me. Not sure about our European friends…

3pm works for me.

Great. That means 6pm Eastern!

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Reminder this is today at 3PM (in about 7.5 hours). I will post the link to join the hangout here today right before the meeting starts.

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Some things you might think about :slight_smile:

  • who is working on the fork(s)?
  • how is work going to be combined into a single repo, and who will be in charge of it?
  • how will contributions be handled?
  • what are the immediate technical goals of the fork?
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Join here.