HTM Hackers’ Hangout (Apr 7, 2017)

Things to discuss:

  • Documentation efforts / Wiki migration
  • HTM Chat with Jeff
  • Temporal Pooling issues (Matt)
  • NuPIC 1.0 update

Join here:

Hi Matt;

Well , missed this hang-out event (:confused:) mainly because I’m still trying to get to where I can set an invite set in my calendar, in advance. Was at work during this time anyway, however, if I knew in advance, I would have worked it, so I could have dialed-in and attended.

I believe you mentioned in the past, that it’s the first Friday of each month ? …but I believe the time was changed… and am not sure if you actually stick to a fixed time and date. I’m presuming you’re quite busy as well.

So, help me out here, Do you post a Hang-outs invite in advance, somewhere, to the Forum ?

The link in this thread is just the one for this event… (ended, obviously).

I don’t really see anything in advance… OR, is there a Google Hangouts calendar somewhere, that I should be subscribed to ?

OR, is there some sort of dial-in “number” that I just have to use, where I simply have to know the time you guys are on-line ?

Last time, I ended up just missing it because the time-zone sync somehow got screwed up, and I didn’t see the reminder until it was too late. ( I’m in Colorado, MST )

I have a lot if really good discussion to seed for this meeting. I wanted to have a chance to introduce myself as well. Let you know what I do, and how I’m wanting (& preparing) the make contributions to the Numenta effort. I don’t know how much time you tend to allocate each month ( I’m presuming about an hour ) but it seems that you’re seeking (hoping) to use this as a LIVE chance to hear from community members ( not just the ‘regulars’ ) about implementations, ideas, as well as questions overall about Nupic.

Seems like the meeting tends to run a bit dry, as it’s mainly the Numenta guys dialed-in, I’m guessing you guys are fairly well in sync of each other’s activities… so it ends up wrapping up early. I see this as a golden opportunity, and there’s so much to talk about.

I’m guessing the time conflicts with most people’s work schedule, so they don’t end up making it. Same is true for me, but I can plan it, as long as I have enough advanced notice.

There’s obviously a lot of active forum conversations, that I struggle to keep up with ! … that’s why I’m surprised the Live hangout meetings are so lightly attended.

Anyhow, let me know your thoughts on this …Looking forward to get in on the next round :wink:.

Regards, Mike P.

I try to. Sometimes I forget to post about it until the day of the event. You can see the events in this public nupic calendar. Hopefully you can integrate this into your calendar.

No, you have to use Google Hangouts. I post the link to join the hangout here on the forum thread about 10 minutes before the event starts.

Yes, I would welcome your participation. Sorry you haven’t been able to make it. Sometimes I change the event timing to 10AM Pacific to allow more international participation.

Alright … Got it saved … (from the public Nupic calendar ) All set.

I think I’ll be able to get in there this time … 4pm (my time) is a good time for me.
Looking forward ! …:sunglasses:
Thanks Matt !

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