HTM Hackers' Hangout (May 12, 2017)

Just planning ahead! I had to move this one back a week because I’ll be in Boston on May 5. Also, this time we’re having it earlier than usual for those of you who can’t make it at the normal time.

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What’s that time on May 12th ?
Need to update Google calendar …
If you can post the invite link, that would be nice too ! :wink:
( URL for Google Hangout on Air event )

I can’t post the link to join until I start the hangout, but I always do here about 10 minutes before.

I did update the Google calendar, it might take some time to propagate. It is at 10AM Pacific time.

Ah …understand.

OK, NP … I’ll tune in then… :+1:

Just a reminder, this will happen in two days. Things I’d like to talk about:

  • NuPIC breaking changes
  • Progress toward complete NuPIC API docs
  • Progress toward NuPIC 1.0 in general
  • Reception of recent talks

Starting soon, join here.