HTM Hackers' Hangout (May 12, 2017)



Just planning ahead! I had to move this one back a week because I’ll be in Boston on May 5. Also, this time we’re having it earlier than usual for those of you who can’t make it at the normal time.


What’s that time on May 12th ?
Need to update Google calendar …
If you can post the invite link, that would be nice too ! :wink:
( URL for Google Hangout on Air event )


I can’t post the link to join until I start the hangout, but I always do here about 10 minutes before.

I did update the Google calendar, it might take some time to propagate. It is at 10AM Pacific time.


Ah …understand.

OK, NP … I’ll tune in then… :+1:


Just a reminder, this will happen in two days. Things I’d like to talk about:

  • NuPIC breaking changes
  • Progress toward complete NuPIC API docs
  • Progress toward NuPIC 1.0 in general
  • Reception of recent talks


Starting soon, join here.