Tmviz - Another TemporalMemory visualizer

First of all, Paul’s TM Visualizer inspired me to make this project. Credits to him.

All my rat-nest diagrams from Exploring the “Repeating Inputs” problem thread are crated by this program. Initially I made this application for my collage course and has no intention for long term use. However there seems to be some interest of the visualizer on the forum. So here ist is! I have tried to clean up the messy code as it was. But Without a complete rewrite, I don’t think I’ll get any farther.

Anyway, the visualizer allows one to input sequences maully into the TM, experiment with the algorithm, see what’s happening under the hood in realtime. It also allows the user to reset the sequence, view synapses connected to different cells. You can also move the mouse onto the cell and see all the incoming connections. It should be pretty neat toy for the geeks on the forums. And an useful tool to teach new devs and ML beginners about HTM.




Since I’ve moved on to the Etaler framework. I have made a port of tmviz against the new framework.