What are the parts of the lizard brain?

I like Bitking’s dumb boss theory. Which leads me to want to know the parts of the lizard brain. So far, I know thalamus and hippocampus.

This is one of a list of projects; these are the current areas where I am making drawings and assembling notes:

  • the lizard brain from the tip of the toe through to the forebrain with details of the lizard brain command structures.
  • the interaction between the lizard brain and the cortex. Lots of drawings needed here. This also gets heavily into the counterflow of information back down towards the sensory streams.
  • the capture and formation of semantic content from the sensory stream through to the temporal lobe. This involves considerably more on the WHAT and WHERE streams.
  • The formation and properties of the Global Workspace.
  • The various functions of the mix of neuron morphologies in the cortex with inter-structure connections and likely resulting functions.

I have ideas how I want to expose my thoughts on these areas. Many of these concepts do not seem to have a good visual component and I am still working out how to present them in an approachable way.

I can try to bump the project labeled WWALD (What Would A LIzard Do?) towards the top of the list but this will still take a while - day job and all that.

As you may have noticed - I have been cleaning up the first draft of the HTML Columns into Grids! post as I compare it to my notes and see the bits I missed. It’s up to 64 edits at this moment and I still am going through stacks of notes to compare what I put down with what I have been thinking; I keep finding bits that I feel are important that had completely slipped my mind when I started typing.


BTW - a lot of the bits and pieces have already been posted in a preliminary form on this forum in scattered posts. If you don’t want to wait you can see an outline of where I am going with this stuff.

All good, I would pic almost reverse order

neuron morphologies … inter-structure connections
global workspace
lizard brain command structures
interaction between lizard brain and cortex

The problem with the “morphologies” item is that it strongly treads on Numenta holy ground, in particular, the basic functions of the column in the HTM cannon.

I would like to paint the picture of how the bits fit together first so the functions of the lower-level structure have a conceptual framework to fit into.

The Numenta people have been pushing the H part of HTM away for a long time. As such I don’t see much attention on what the various parts of the column are doing to support these connections.

Many of the interactions with the older brain structures seem to suggest longer range interactions for pattern recognizing and generalization and away from trying to making columns recognize coffee cups all by themselves. This contradicts much of what I am seeing coming out of Jeff’s group and is not likely to be received well.

With this in mind, I want to have my ducks in a row before putting this bit out there.

I’d be really interested to read all this, it’s fascinating stuff and I generally enjoy your posts.

This contradicts much of what I am seeing coming out of Jeff’s group and is not likely to be received well.

I can’t speak for them, but I know if I were working at Numenta I’d welcome any outside criticism that steered me toward a more correct theory.

Here is a paper with much detail on the thalamus.

I love that you guys are having this discussion, but I’m going to move it into #other-topics:community-lounge because I like to keep the #htm-theory:neuroscience forum associated with HTM-related things. :slight_smile:


Jeff and crew are investing a bunch of time and energy into the model as defined. This is going as far as presenting papers and videos so there is now considerable at stake in the stated position.

I am coming from the place of some yahoo on a forum shouting wild claims like “you got it all wrong!” I would expect considerable push-back from this. Really - I assume that they are getting arrows from every direction now - even if it was 100% correct. Another one from me is just noise at this point.

I have to make sure that what I have to say is absolutely correct and unassailable before rocking the boat.

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