What is a Dendritic Spike?

Hey everyone, I just published a very short video explaining the core functionality of the HTM Neuron:

I hope you like it. I’ll be working on some more short content like this. Please share on your networks. It works well as a general neuroscience education video.


A really basic question: usually when you see a picture of a pyramidal neuron, the proximal dendrites are identified as being near the cell body, then far off there are apical dendrites, and closer to the cell body are basal dendrites. For instance, the leftmost neuron in the picture:
So I had the belief that the dendrites at the bottom (of the leftmost diagram) were proximal and the basal dendrites were distal. But from the video, it seems that '‘distal’ just means distance, so the parts of the proximal dendrites that are far away from the cell body are ‘distal’. Is that right?

Pyramidal neurons have apical and basal dendrites. Apical are easy to tell because they reach upward. Basal dendrites start at the cell body and grow outwards, not upwards. Basal dendrites close to the cell body are proximal. Far away basal dendrites are distal.

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