Where is the definitive list of "link types"?

In the documentation and source code for Nupic, the only link I can find is a “UniformLink” type. I cannot seem to find a definitive list of all link types. Does anyone know if a definitive list of link types exists? And if so, where I can find it?

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For the original Nupic there were several types but only “UniformLink” was completely implemented. All of the link types were variations on the order that bits were being passed across the link.

For htm.core there is only “UniformLink”. Actually, that field is ignored (although for the special INPUT case it is the dimensions for the link). When you think about it, it does not matter in what order the bits are delivered across the link as long as it is consistent. In the biology there is really no order. What htm.core does is just append bits into one array if more than one link is connected to an input. It does attempt to maintain the number of dimensions. See docs/NetworkAPI_Links.md in the repository.